Coweta County Schools

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Substitute Teacher Qualifications


Go to the CCSS website to fill out an online application.  It is located under the Employment Opportunities.  The Substitute Teacher position is located in "Future Opportunities" within the application.
Age Requirement: 21 years of age

Minimum Qualifications:  High School Diploma. Associate Degree or Higher preferred.
Training: Attend a class after approval, you will notified by mail.
If you have any questions, please email

Thank you

Aesop Online portal 

We are only accepting applicants that hold a valid teaching certificate, four year college degree or associate degree.

To access a substitute application look under Employment Opportunities



School System Overview

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Total employees: 3,100

1,700 certified employees (25% with 20-plus years experience; 65% with a Master’s Degree or higher) 1,400 classified employees (including school nurses, cafeteria, transportation, technology, and others)

Transportation - 281 buses routes transporting 15,000 students daily
Average daily travel - 15,000 miles; 2,700,000 miles annually
School Nutrition - 29 cafeterias serving 4,000 breakfasts daily and 14,000 lunches daily; 3,240,000 total meals annually2010-11 Budget
Operational Budget (2010-11) - $165,674,469
Per-Pupil Expenditure (2010-11) - $7,783.46
Millage rate (FY 2010-11) - 18.59 mills (0 mills for bonded debt)
The Board of Education has maintained this rate since 2004

2011Valsandsals2medWe are proud of:

System-wide AdvancED (SACS) 5-year Accreditations achieved in 2006 and 2011
$5,800,000 in scholarships awarded to our high school graduates in 2011
3 Georgia Teachers of the Year and 14 finalists for state TOTY
4 Georgia Schools of Excellence in 4 years (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008)
The Centre for Performing and Visual Arts, serving all schools with
art galleries, recital and state-of-the-art performance space
100% of schools meeting Adequate Yearly Progress in 2009-10
2010 SAT Coweta County - 1503; Georgia - 1453; US - 1509   
2010 SAT (Math and Verbal): Coweta County - 1020; Georgia - 978; US - 1017
Georgia School Board Association Board of Distinction
2009 State Recognition for Students Meeting/Exceeding Standards
(2 Bronze award-winning schools)
2010 State Recognition for Students Meeting/Exceeding Standards
(1 Gold award-winning school, 3 Bronze award-winning schools)

Fast facts:

31 Schools: 19 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, 3 traditional high schools, 1 career academy charter high school, 1 middle and 1 high school alternative program.

Enrollment: Approximately 22,500 students.

Growth: 1.8% annually (from 2008-2011); 4.1% annually (from 1990-2007). Approximately 6,000 students were added to enrollment in the last ten years, from 16,800 in 2001 to 22,500 in 2011. Even during recent slower-growth periods, enrollment grew by 1,200 students 2007-2010. The highest portion of growth during those years has been among the high-school-age population.

Low Pupil-Teacher ratio compared to state maximums

Centre for Performing and Visual Arts

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Web Safety Video

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Web Safety Video


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A Tutor List is available upon request.  Please contact Kathy Wainwright at 770-254-2800, extension 2008 or email Kathy Wainwright
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