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January 12, 2018

Brooks Elementary School student wins 2018 Coweta County Spelling Bee

Brooks Elementary School student Jack Reese won Coweta County’s district-wide Spelling Bee, held at the Nixon Centre for Performing and Visual Arts on Thursday, January 11.

Reese - a 5thth grader at Brooks - became Coweta County’s 2018 spelling champion in the 17th round of the annual competition, spelling “lichenous” and “frontispiece” for the win.

Arnall 7th grader Tae Kim came in second at the annual bee. The two students were finalists from among 25 elementary and middle-schoolers who competed Thursday night.

This year’s spelling bee winner and runner-up each received a Kindle Fire, provided by bee sponsor BB&T of Newnan and awarded by Garnett Reynolds.

4th through 8th grade students in Coweta County’s 19 elementary schools and 6 middle schools compete in Coweta’s annual spelling bee. The 25 competitors at Monday’s bee were all winners of their own school spelling bees, which were held earlier in the school year.

The 1st place spellers who competed in Thursday’s spelling bee were:

Arbor Springs: Cami Pickard
Arnco-Sargent: Macie Smith
Atkinson: Joshua Coefield
Brooks: Jack Reese
Canongate: Audrey Ervin
Eastside: Ava DeLoach
Elm Street: Macie Lynne Bohannon
Glanton: Glover Cooper
Jefferson Parkway: Bailey Wilkerson
Moreland: Madison Adams
Newnan Crossing: David Lawrence
Northside: Solomon Holmes
Poplar Road: Makiyah Beltran
Ruth Hill: Elena Cain
Thomas Crossroads: Claire Gresham
Welch: Hayley Cleckler
Western: Trenton Adams
White Oak: David Oyekanmi
Willis Road: Alexandra Miller
Arnall: Danny Tarifa Ramirez
East Coweta: Finley McElmurray
Evans: Fletcher Martin
Lee: Tae Kim
Madras: Danna Jiang
Smokey Road: Alexander Hamilton

School spelling bee runners-up served as their school’s alternates for the competition, and were also recognized at Thursday’s event:

Arbor Springs: Kayleigh Pollock
Arnco-Sargent: Abby Stewart
Atkinson: Nolan Baker
Brooks: Ruby Kanode
Canongate: Ben Nguyen
Eastside: Will Davey
Elm Street: Will Elder
Glanton: Jaxon Fowler
Jefferson Parkway: Marisol Hernandez
Moreland: Aariyanna Burston
Newnan Crossing: Jessica Kim
Northside: Azie Collett
Poplar Road: Levi Gould
Ruth Hill: Michael Green
Thomas Crossroads: Lily Sawyer
Welch: Shiv Patel
Western: Olivia Pierce
White Oak: Olivia Matich
Willis Road: Travis Shearer
Arnall: Eva Hillman
East Coweta: Ethan Caldwell
Evans: Sam Higgins
Lee: Eva Vandine
Madras: Rhiannon LeFebvre
Smokey Road: Jackson Whatley

Principal Julie Durrance of Arbor Springs Elementary School, Principal Keafer Triplett of Smokey Road Middle School, and Assistant Principal Letitia Crosby of Lee Middle School served as judges, and Dean Jackson served as pronouncer, for Thursday’s competition.

2018 Spelling Bee Winners

Brooks Elementary School student Jack Reese, above left, won Coweta County’s 2018 Spelling Bee, and Lee Middle School Tae Kim, right, came in 2nd at the annual competition. Reese and Kim stand with 2018 spelling bee judges Letitia Crosby, Julie Durrance and Keafer Triplett.

2018 Spelling Bee with Sponsor (2)

Coweta County School System’s 2018 Spelling Bee runner-up Tae Kim, left, Garnett Reynolds of BB&T of Newnan, center, and 2018 Spelling Bee champion Jack Reese, right, at the January 11 competition at the Nixon Centre. BB&T sponsored the annual county bee.