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Contact: Dean Jackson Office of Public Information
Phone: 770.254.2736
Fax: 770.254.2807

January 26, 2018

Coweta County School System inclement weather make-up plan

Following the results of a stakeholder survey regarding student instructional time lost to inclement weather, the Coweta County School System will not use make-up days scheduled over the February winter break.

Instead, schools will address lost instructional time by adjusting and prioritizing instruction, including the use of digital instructional opportunities, as necessary. The school system will also delay the start of Milestones testing (grades 3-8) by three days for elementary and middle schools to allow for more student instruction before testing. High school End-of-Course assessments are already scheduled as late as possible within this year’s testing calendar.

March 9 (a scheduled teacher workday) has been set aside as a potential make-up day if students miss additional days due to inclement weather in the remaining weeks of winter.

After considering several options and their impacts on attendance, instruction, extracurricular schedules and transportation schedules, system officials sought public input on two options for making up lost instructional time. 9,906 parents, students and employees participated in a school system survey, held January 23-25, regarding inclement weather make-up days. 86 percent of respondents indicated that they would prefer the course of action described above.

The Coweta County School System has a flexibility contract with the state called a Strategic Waiver School System (SWSS) contract. Flexibility allowed under the contract means that the system is not required by law or state board rule to make up days that are missed. Rather, it is up to the local school system to decide how to address missed instructional time.

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