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LMS Clubs and Organizations

*Please note that some of these groups have specific requirements students must meet in order to be eligible for the organization.


Faculty Advisor

Mission or Purpose

Meeting Times


Academic Bowl

Tim Johnson

Jeff Bouchard

Kathryn Danekes

To foster a competitive learning spirit. The Academic Bowl Team is a quiz-bowl type activity in which our students participate in county-wide and RESA level competitions throughout the year.

After School



Art Club

Da Vinci’s Art Club

Crissie Singleton

The Art Club offers an opportunity for the expansion and development of artistic skills.

After School



Daniel Marshall

Students will learn how to perform properly on their respective instrument and give concerts throughout the year detailing their abilities.

During and
 After School


Beta Club (Junior)

Christie Barnes

Renee Ratcliff

Ashley Dawson

The Jr. Beta Club is a national honor society that meets to recognize and promote high academic achievement, encourage service to others, and develop character and leadership skills.

During School


Battle of the Books

Shelia Taylor

Ellen Boyd

Mary Ellen Corley

To encourage students to read books.  This voluntary reading incentive program allows students to come together and demonstrate their abilities and test their knowledge on the books they’ve read in a “Family Feud’ style competition.

Book List for 2018-2019

After School


Builders Club

Antoinette Smith

Ricki Coleman

Jennifer Watson


To BUILD: Leaders, Character, Compassion, Confidence, and Community.


During and After School


Chess Club

Robert Doyal

To provide a fun environment for students to learn and play the game of chess.

After School



Bonnie Krider

Chorus offers opportunities for advanced musicians such as Honor Chorus and All-State Chorus.

Connection Class


Drama Club

Adriana Cantwell

Cindy Todd

Rosa Brambila

Kelli Jeffries

To give students a creative outlet for performance talent. Organize and perform in the International Celebration.

After School


F.G.E. (Future Georgia Educators)

Tina Harvey

To help students explore the education profession.


During and After School


Guitar Club

Bonnie Krider

Guitar club is an opportunity for ANY student that has a guitar, whether they have experience playing, are taking lessons, or have never strummed a note. Students will learn and share guitar knowledge, learn to play basic chords and tabs and have opportunities to perform for each other and at the spring chorus concert at the end of the year.

After School


J.A.M. Club

Lisa Redmon

Suzanne Brooks

Renee Ratcliff

Staci Kelly

Kristin Davis

Sheleen Ferry

Sally Cavanaugh

Ashley Dawson

J.A.M. allows students to get together and discuss issues facing the middle school students and allows students to grow in their faith and find answers for themselves in the Bible. The club is a student-lead and parent-supported organization..

Before and After School



Junior Law Enforcement


Coweta Co. Sheriff's Dept.

Newnan Police Dept.

 It is our desire to reach out to young people and inspire good citizenship by educating them about the criminal justice system, the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office and its operating procedures and the Coweta County Judicial Circuit.

 Officer Kee -

During School


Literary Club

Jennifer Doonan

Carrie DeBilzan

Crissie Singleton

Kelli Jeffries

Students will explore the fundamentals of writing and publishing as they learn about the format of a literary magazine and create Lee Middle School’s Howl.

Howl Fall 2016

Howl Spring 2016

Howl Spring 2017

After School


Lee Pet Lovers Club

Carol Mathis

Emma Hoerger

Jennifer Merfalen

Students will learn how to properly care for their pets and learn about the growing population of homeless pets in our community.

Sponsored by the Newnan-Coweta Humane Society


After School


Math Club & MATHCOUNTS Team

Lynette Hanus

Staci Kelly

The mission of our club is to increase enthusiasm for and enhance achievement in mathematics in middle school. he Math Club features MATHCOUNTS Material. MATHCOUNTS is a national program and the only mathematics program of its kind for middle school students. It emphasizes teamwork and practical problem solving.

After School


National Jr. Honors Society

Kristin Davis

Lisa Redmon

Suzanne Brooks

Membership in NJHS distinguishes students who have committed themselves to the pursuit of academic excellence, community improvement, and personal development.

 During School


Science Olympiad Team

Christie Pinaud

Lauren Taliaferro

To teach students how to isolate and solve problems all within the framework of organized, logical thought and study and to provide the opportunity for students to exhibit their research projects for competition.

After School


Student Council (Junior)

Celeste Anderson

Tina Bouma

A nationally affiliated organization that promotes leadership, develop and enhance school spirit and represent the student body.

During School


Timberwolf TV

Sally Cavanaugh

To provide a fun, interactive program for students to share information and encourage participation and school spirit.

 During School


Yearbook Club

Sally Cavanaugh

To develop photography skills and creativity in creating a yearbook.

 During School


Young Distinguished Women

Shaunte Henderson

YDW is designed to help young ladies at Lee Middle School establish a sense of pride, dignity, sisterhood and self-respect. .

 After School



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