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Christie Barnes - curriculum vitae

Students in the 8th grade, 7th grade (A through K)


Students in the 6th grade, 7th grade (L through Z)

The Lee Middle School Counseling Program is comprehensive and developmental in nature. It is designed to be an integral part of the school's overall educational plan and it is designed to serve all Lee students at various levels. Our counseling program emphasizes personal growth with an overall direction toward helping students learn more effectively. Our counselors work with students, teachers, parents, administrators and community resources to meet the needs of our students, individually and collectively.

The Lee Counseling Department may work with students for the following reasons:

  • students requesting to see the counselor
  • students with learning difficulties
  • students having difficulty with relationships
  • students demonstrating observable changes in behavior that cannot be accounted for by the teacher
  • students who are constantly late or absent from school or struggling with their work
  • students who are fearful or nervous
  • students who seem to seek only negative attention
  • students who exhibit excessive aggressive behavior
  • students who have experienced a death in the family or the death of a close friend
  • students experiencing divorce or separation in the family
  • students entering a new or special learning class
  • parents requesting that a son or daughter receive support from a counselor.
  • The following situations make it necessary for an immediate referral to the counselors:

  • suspected or reported child abuse or neglect, physical or mental abuse
  • a student cries or gets sick daily
  • a student becomes unable to function in normal ways
  • a behavior change in a student that is unusual or sudden
  • a student undergoing a traumatic family situation
  • actions that indicate mounting hostility between student and a teacher or his/her peer group.
  • Lee Middle School counselors also work hard to help schedule and attend team conferences, support and oversee the Student Support Team (SST) process, develop and implement classroom guidance lessons, supervise students, sponsor clubs and activities, and coordinate our testing program.
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    Upcoming Events

    January 20
    1st Semester
    Awards Program
    6th begins at 10:45am
    7th begins at 9:00am
    8th begins at 2:15pm
    January 20
    Basketball Games
    EMS @ LMS
    begins @ 4:30pm
    January 23
    Chess Tournament
    LMS @ 4:30pm
    January 24
    Basketball Games
    LMS @ ECMS
    begins @ 4:30pm
    January 25
    7th Grade
    Visit to the
    January 26
    Basketball Games
    LMS @ AMS
    begins at 4:30pm
    January 27
    LMS Drama
    Club Play
    6:30 at LMS
    January 30
    Academic Bowl Meet
    at Heard Middle School
    January 31
    Basketball Games
    SRMS @ LMS
    begins at 4:30pm
    January 31
    LMS Talent Show
    Performing Arts
    Center at 6:30pm
    February 1
    School Council
    PTC Meeting
    begins at 4:30pm
    February 3
    Basketball Games
    MMS @ LMS
    begins at 4:30pm
    February 6
    CCSS Academic Bowl
    County Meet
    LMS at 4:30pm
    February 7
    Basketball Games
    LMS @ EMS
    begins at 4:30pm
    February 7
    6th Grade
    Band Concert
    LMS Cafeteria
    February 9
    Basketball Games
    ECMS @ LMS
    begins at 4:30pm

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