Lady Eagles Basketball
Lady Eagles Coach, Kristen Johnstone
Athletic Participation Information  
2016 Lady Eagles Basketball Schedule
All regular season games begin at 4:45. Girls' championship game begins at 5:00; boys championship follows. All home games are played at Madras, and admission to all games is $5.00.
 Date Day Opponent Location Time
 January 5  Tuesday  Arnall  Arnall  4:45
 January 8  Friday  Evans  Madras  4:45
 January 12  Tuesday  Smokey Road  Smokey Road  4:45
 January 14  Thursday  Lee  Lee  4:45
 January 20  Wednesday  ECMS  ECMS  4:45
 January 25  Monday  Arnall  Madras  4:45
 January 26  Tuesday  Evans  Evans  4:45
 January 28  Thursday  Smokey Road  Madras  4:45
 February 1  Monday  Lee  Madras   4:45
 February 3  Wednesday  ECMS  Madras  4:45
 February 4  Thursday  Arnall  Arnall  4:45
 February 8  Monday  First Round Tourney  Evans  TBA
 February 9  Tuesday  Semifinals  Evans  TBA
 February 11  Thursday  Championship  Evans  TBA
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