Upcoming Events
May 15
Sixth Grade Honors
9:00 am, MMS Gym
May 16
Seventh Grade Honors
9:00 am, MMS Gym
May 17
Eighth Grade Honors
9:00 am, MMS Gym
May 20
Spring Guitar Concert
2:00 pm, Nixon Centre
May 21
Spring Chorus Concert
7:00 pm, Unity Baptist Church
May 21
ELA Miletones Retest
Eighth GRade
May 22
Math Miilestones Retest
Eighth Grade only
May 23
Dream Team Field Trip (8th)
Atlanta Civil Rights Museum
May 24
Team Ignite Field Trip (8th)
Atlanta Civil Rights Museum
May 25
Team Royale Field T rip (8th)
Atlanta Civil Rights Museum
May 25
Last Day of School

Parental Notice of Right to Know
Teacher Qualifications
Madras Clubs, Organizations, and Academic Opportunities
  • Purpose: to foster a competitive learning spirit. The Eagles Academic Bowl Team participates in county wide and RESA level competitions throughout the year. The 2012 Academic Eagles finished first in Coweta County and second in the West Georgia Region, and in 2013, the team placed first in the PAGE regionals, advancing them to state competition.  West Georgia RESA Academic Bowl Site
Art Club (Sponsor, Lisa Holland)
  • Purpose: to enhance the lives of students through art. Students meet twice a month to create a variety of art projects.

Battle of the Books (Sponsor, Kaye Knight)

  • Purpose: to encourage students to read books, this voluntary reading incentive program allows students to come together and demonstrate their abilities and test their knowledge on the books they’ve read in a “Family Feud’ style competition

Book Club (Sponsor, Kaye Knight)

  • Purpose: to engage students in authentic literature discussions and to nurture their development of crucial interpersonal skills

Career Club

  • Purpose: to explore a variety of career choices and interests. The Madras staff, the MMS School Council, and the local business community have come together to provide students with an avenue to explore various career paths based on students’ chosen interests. The club meets each month and includes a variety of guest speakers

Chess Club

  • Purpose: to provide a fun environment for Madras students to learn and play the game of chess. The club is open to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, beginning and experienced players.

Coding Club (Sponsor, Melissa Warr)

  • Purpose: to introduce students to the world of coding and to get them excited about computers. Students meet to discuss computers, coding, and the applications of coding.  
Drama Club (Erin Walton) 
  • Purpose: to build confidence and public speaking skills; to expose students to the dramatic and performance stage; to allow students to showcase thier creativity and to develop their theatrical talents

DREAM Mentoring Program (Sponsor, Kori Lee)

  • Purpose: to develop leadership through peer mentoring. Students are invited by teachers and counselors to participate in the MMS peer mentoring program and must meet certain criteria. DREAM stands for "Developing Relationships through Education, Advisement, and Mentoring."

Eagle Ambassadors (Maranda Holmes)

  • Purpose: to serve as positive ambassadors for community and school. The Eagle Ambassadors serve as hosts for school and community events.
Eagles Extraordinaire (Tracey Pitts, Audrey Mallet)
  • Purpose- to express oneself through various communicative art forms such as liturgical dancing/step (ELITE Force), puppetry arts, mime, sign language, and oral interpretation.
    This club is opened to all grade levels.
Eagles Zumba Club (Sponsors, Kelli Lau)
  • Purpose: to increase an awareness of physical fitness and nutrition through a fun, upbeat Zumba excercise program.
Eagles Rise (Respect In School Everywhere) Maranda Holmes and Kia Harris
  • Purpose: to create a welcoming, inclusive school climate for all students through student led initiatives

Environmental Eagles (Sponsor, Melanie Hathcock)

  • Purpose: to provide environmental awareness and empower students to take action and work toward building a sound enviornmental ethic. Monthly meetings include a variety of projects including a school wide recycling program. Environmental Eagles Club Page

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (Sponsor,Tim Lowery)

  • Purpose: to provide an opportunity for athletes to share their faith with one another. Students meet regularly to participate in interdenominational fellowship. The organization is open to staff and students and meets every Tuesday morning at 7:55.
Future Georgia Educators (Laura Farmer)
  • Purpose: to provide students the opportunity to explore teaching as a career option. Regular meetings at school include guest speakers and career choice workshop. 
Geography Bee (Eric Mitchell)
  • Purpose: to spark student interest and increase public awareness about geography. All students are eligible for this entertaining and challenging test of geographic knowledge. The school Bee winner completes a written qualifying test that determines the top 100 students in each state. These students are invited to attend their state competition. State and territory winners take part in the national-level competition. Eli Torres is the 2011 Madras Middle School Geography Bee Champion.  National Geographic Geography Bee Site
Girls of Faith (Sponsor, Becky Sandlin)
  • Purpose: to provide an opportunity for girls to share their faith with one another. Girls meet regularly to participate in interdenominational fellowship and topics such as self-esteem and ways to create a culture of inclusion for all.
Golf Club (Sponsor, Eric Mitchell)
  •  Purpose: to provide a fun, interactive introduction to golf with local golf professionals. Club meetings at school will focus on golf etiquette, rules of the game, and golf fundamentals 

History Club (Sponsors, Jeff Welch

  • Purpose: to encourage a genuine interest in history; to gain knowledge of history through research, site visits, and exposure to guest speakers; to develop historical research skills

Junior Beta Club (Sponsor, Maria Meza)

  • Purpose: to recognize and promote high academic achievement, encourage service to others, and develop character and leadership skills. Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students are eligible to participate and must maintain an "A" academic average in all classes.  Madras Beta Club Page;   National Beta Club Site
Junior Police Academy (Sponsor, Officer Chad Davis)
  • Purpose: motivate young people to be outstanding citizens through law enforcement education. All students are eligible for participation. Meetings are held throughout the year, and topics include criminal investigation, state and juvenile law, and the role of law enforcement in the community.  Junior Police Academy Online.

Junior ROTC (Sponsor, David Whittington)

Library Club (Sponsor, Karen Pitts)
  • Purpose: to work with the media specialist to help maintain the Madras Media Center and to sponsor reading related activities that encourage reading

Literary Magazine Staff, Eagle Eye (Sponsor,  Angela Rembert)

  • Purpose: to teach students the fundamentals of good writing and publishing and to provide them with a forum to see their writing in print; to promote creativity in writing and visual arts

Math Counts (Sponsor, Lisa Anstey)

  • Purpose: to inspire excellence, confidence, and curiosity in middle school students through fun and challenging math programs.  National Math Counts Site
National Honor Society (Sponsor, Angela Rembert)
  • Purpose: to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character. The National Junior Honor Society is the nation's premier organization established to recognize the most outstanding middle level students. More than just an honor roll, NJHS seres to honor those students who have demonstrated the highest excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship. "Students must have an exemplary school record with a current and onging grade of 94* in each class. When applying for membership, the sponsor will verify grades using the semester averages for each class.". Students can have no discipline referrals or timeouts. Sixth graders are eligible only after first semester, per national rules. NJHS membership is a distinction that holds significance throught a student's academic life and beyond.

Oratorical Competition (Sponsor, Audrey Mallet)

  • Purpose: to provide students the opportunity to develop communication skills and to express their thoughts and opinions with an audience. Sponsored by the Newnan Optimist Club, school winners may advance to local, regional, and state competition. Madras students have established a tradition of excellence by winning the local and regional competitions for three consecutive years. Stephen Burns and Molly Majors are the 2011 Madras Oratorical Winners. County winner, Stephen won the zone and region competition, advancing him to state finals. Optimist Club Oratorical Competition Site
Pet Lovers Club (David Whittington, Heather Hayes)
  • Purpose: To serve as advocates for  stray and homeless pets placed on the Homeless Pets Foundation List. Regular meetings are conducted throughout the year. Projects/activities include assisting animal shelters with needed donations and adopting a Madras pet to sponsor. Madras Pet Lovers Club Page; Newnan-Coweta Humane Society
Principal's Advisory Council (Sponsor, Lorraine Johnson)
  • Purpose: to share ideas and voice opinions on how to better enhance the school program for all students. Advisory members work cooperatively with the principal and serve as advocates on behalf of the Madras student body. They make recommendations concerning academics, student life, school programs, activities and services through monthly meetings.
Running Club (Sponsor, Kip Durden, Natalie Sibley)
  • Purpose: to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles, to provide a running enrichment program for students that offers the opportunity to improve running knowledge and skills, to challenge students to improve their personal run times for future events

Science Fair

  • Purpose: to teach students how to isolate and solve problems all within the framework of organized, logical thought and study and to provide the opportunity for students to exhibit their research projects. School winners may advance to local, regional, and state competition. In the 2011 CCSS Science Fair, thirteen Madras students placed. Last year twelve students placed including three first place winners who went on to compete at the regional Science Fair at the University of West Georgia. At regionals, four students placed, and Madras student Shelby Edmonds was announced Grand Champion. Georgia Science and Engineering Fair Site
Spelling Bee (Sponsor, Angela Rembert)
  • Purpose: to help students improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies, learn concepts, and develop correct English usage that will help them all their lives. All students are eligible for participation in the Madras Spelling Bee. The winner advances to the county competition. Madras won first place in the Coweta County Spelling Bee in 2009 and placed second runner-up in 2010. National Spelling Bee
Student Council (Sponsor, Trish Barberio)
  • Purpose: to promote and provide leadership development opportunities and to prepare and empower student leaders to serve their school and community. Members are elected by their peers and must meet certain criteria. Meetings are held monthly, and past service projects include the Can-a-Thon, campus beautification, March of Dimes, Relay for Life, and assisting with schoolwide dances and activities. Madras is a member of the National Association of Student Councils.
Yearbook Staff (Melanie Hathcock, Melissa Warr)
  • Purpose: to work together to take pictures, write captions and learn the many processes that are required to publish the annual yearbook. Students practice teamwork and acquire the skills necessary to successfully produce a comprehensive publication




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